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2021 Round Up: | Our Top Blogs and Podcast Episodes From 2021

We are taking a look back at 2021 and rounding up our top articles and podcast episodes from this year! Stay tuned for more insight and content on all things shipping and supply chain in 2022!


Strength in Numbers | Why the Days of Single Sourcing and Single DC Models are Over

The COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the lack of capacity in the small parcel market, has exposed companies that are single sourcing a shipping provider, and not in a positive way. Read more on the issues that come with single sourcing carriers and distribution centers, as well as tips on how to avoid these risks.

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Nice Guys Don't Finish Last | How Regional Carriers are Winning Business

It’s no news that carriers have been swamped for the last 18 months. E-commerce sales spiked early in 2020 and are just now leveling off, yet still much higher than pre-pandemic levels. To compensate, carriers have done everything from limiting capacity to building new facilities, not to mention imposing surcharges. But when does insisting on price while underperforming subside?  

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Infrastructure and the Small 3PL | What Could be a Huge Opportunity or a Missed Boat

We live in a world where nearly everything has gone digital, but supply chains remain the unique exception as it is simply impossible to get a product from Point A to Point B without physical infrastructure and transportation. E-commerce has also created a dichotomy in the sense that an infinite number of purchases are possible while, unfortunately, there are a finite number of ships, cranes, warehouses, truck chassis, skilled labor workers, etc. to transport those purchases.

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The Logistics of Giving | Non-profits and International Shipping

Getting packages delivered domestically has become enough of a feat in the last eighteen months, not to mention how increasingly difficult international shipping has become. Such challenges have only multiplied for international shippers, particularly non-profit organizations.  

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Once Upon a Warehouse | Insight from 2021 and Trend Forecasts for 2022

From the time a customer adds an item to their online shopping cart, to the time it arrives in their hands, a lot of the magic in between happens in a warehouse. This makes warehouses an integral part of e-commerce supply chains and positions the 3PL industry as one that is growing at a hockey stick trendline.  

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Oh, There’s No Place Like a Shipping Container for the Holidays | Port Congestion and Retail

At its highest level, supply chain is the sequence of steps or processes involved in the production and distribution of goods, and today’s global supply chain is experiencing volume like never seen before. Currently, the global supply chain has bottlenecks in several areas, one of the most pronounced though is the massive backlog of containers awaiting unloading at West Coast ports, namely the Port of Los Angeles.  

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How Carriers are Making Record Profits | What Shippers Need to Know

Arguably the most valuable information a business can have about its shipping operation is rate visibility. Particularly visibility into the true percentage that their rates increase year over year. Businesses can get comfortable, especially if they have a rate cap, but a rate cap is not the golden ticket to safety from exorbitant rate increases and hidden costs.

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A Day Late and a Dollar Short | Avoiding Shipping Issues in 2022

Peak season is in full swing, and businesses have their heads down focused on sales and keeping their customers happy. With this, it is very easy for shippers to overlook the health of their shipping profile as well as several critical events coming down the pipeline in 2022 and 2023.  

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The Logistics of Giving

In case you missed it, iDrive launched a podcast! In our first episode, The Logistics of Giving, Jake Wertner and Carl Hutchinson break down the landscape of international shipping, particularly for non-profit organizations. Non-profit or not, any shipper will walk away with valuable insights around scaling their shipping operation internationally!

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The Behind the Scenes of Abandoned Shopping Carts  

This week, Jake Wertner, Executive Vice President of iDrive Logistics, takes a deep dive into abandoned shopping carts and one major reason why brands are missing out on revenue. Jake discusses consumer shopping trends, product pricing strategies, as well as the psychology behind product pricing. If you want to improve your business’s revenue, this episode is for you!

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Everything Shippers Need to Know about Carrier Agreements

In this episode, Glenn Gooding and Jake Wertner sit down to discuss the nuances of carrier agreements and everything shippers need to know. Ranging from what a carrier agreement is to how to get one, listeners will come away with a deeper understanding of how their business should approach shipping.

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