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2021 Round Up | Our Top Blogs From 2021

We are highlighting some of our favorite articles from this past year covering everything from international shipping to warehouse technology! Stay tuned in 2022 as well for more articles and insight coming your way!

Avoiding Not-So-Happy Holidays | A Guide to Minimizing Product Returns

Although post-holiday returns only increase about 2% from year-round return levels, it is still a huge undertaking and cost for brands. So, what can your brand do, on both the customer and internal sides, to reduce returns, keep your customers happy, and minimize losses?

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Offering Discounts

On Black Friday last year, consumers spent a whopping $9 billion, up 26% from 2019. No matter what year it is, the main driver behind the massive spending is the same: discounts.

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Retention vs. Acquisition | The Basics of Winning Business

A business is good if it can acquire a new customer. A business is great if it can turn a new customer into a repeat customer. The reason for this has many parts, but there are two foremost reasons. 1. Retaining a customer is more economical than acquiring a new customer and 2. A repeat or retained customer can become a loyal advocate for your brand.  

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International Shipping for Small Businesses and Non-Profits | What You Need to Know

No matter if you run a small business or a non-profit, if you have been shipping internationally from the start, or if you are just now diving in, there are a few things that you absolutely need to know. We are going to break down some international shipping ‘lingo’ as well as share a roundup of tips from supply chain and logistics experts, Jake Wertner and Carl Hutchinson.  

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WMS and TMS | Helping or Holding Back Your Business

Both warehouse management systems (WMS) and transportation management systems (TMS) are critical to a growing an e-commerce business, but connecting separate technologies and maintaining that connection can be difficult. This is where a completely seamless system that combines all features of a WMS and a TMS comes in, a TWMS.

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Small Business Saturday | Helping Startups Grow

The shipping landscape recently has been known for its unpredictability. However, small businesses, in partnership with platforms and services designed specifically for SMBs, can build a reputation of great customer service and excellent shipping.

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Must-Have Technology for Growing an E-commerce Business | Scalable Technology

Retailers, social media influencers, and businesses in general are sharing the must-have gifts of this holiday season. We’re throwing our voice in the mix with our must-have technology categories for growing a successful e-commerce business both during the holidays and year-round!

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A Blue Christmas | What Consumers will Actually Be Missing Out On

For the last several months, the global supply chain has been portrayed as the Grinch that will steal Christmas. There is no doubt that there are serious supply chain hang ups that will affect the holiday season, but what will the average consumer actually be missing out on?

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