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2022 Round Up | Our Top Blogs from 2022

Looking back is a great way to start the year! That’s why we’re taking the time to highlight some of our favorite blogs from the past year. From carrier agreements to warehousing best practices, we covered it all last year. Enjoy!  

4 Must-Ask Questions When Negotiating Your Carrier Agreement

Carrier agreements consist of negotiated terms and pricing between shippers and shipping carriers, such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, and many others. These agreements are lengthy and outline the conditions by which the carrier provides a certain service to the customer.  

Clearly, these agreements are crucial for any business that is shipping a high volume of products. In this article, we discussed the top four questions you should ask yourself and your shipping carrier leading up to getting or adjusting your carrier agreement. Check it out at the link above!

5 Best Practices for Running a Warehouse

Your warehouse is the heart of your company. An efficient warehouse can improve productivity and customer satisfaction and save money. In this article, we highlighted some of the best practices for operating a more efficient warehouse. We overviewed organization strategies, suggestions for integrating new tech, as well as advice for improving order accuracy and customer experience.  

The Top Three Consumer Trends for 2022

Deeply understanding consumer’s preferences, especially related to their shipping and eCommerce expectations, is extremely beneficial to businesses today. The pandemic caused major shifts in these preferences, notably including the advent of so-called ‘m-commerce’ and live shopping. Read the article to learn about some of the biggest changes this year.  

Misconceptions in the Logistics Industry

In this article we cleared the air about some of the biggest misconceptions in the logistics industry. We focused particularly on the misconceptions that “more is better” and that “all transportation solutions are created equal”.  

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Happy New Year from the iDrive team!  

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