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Shipping Deadlines for USPS, UPS, and FedEx for the 2022 Peak Season

Welcome to the 2022 peak season! If your business is shipping for the holidays, it is important to know that each carrier has shipping deadlines. These deadlines are simply the dates each carrier will guarantee delivery prior to Christmas day, December 25th.

In this article we’ll cover shipping deadlines for USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Be sure to check out the end of this article for some tips and tricks to make these deadlines and provide the best service for your holiday customers.  

US Postal Service:

54% of the top 500 e-commerce businesses use the USPS as their most frequent shipping carrier making it one of the most important carriers in the US market. Their shipping deadlines for 2022 are as follows:  

For more information, go to the USPS website.  


UPS is the largest shipping carrier by revenue in the US. UPS is a great option for fast, reliable service for parcel delivery. Their shipping deadlines are as follows:  

For full details, download this PDF file.  


FedEx is a massive carrier in the US market with an average daily package volume of 16.5 million. Their shipping deadlines for 2022 are as follows:  

For full details, download this PDF file.  

How iDrive Logistics Can Help Your Business This Holiday Season  

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ShipCaddie TWMS

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Fulfilment Network

Our fulfillment network with six strategically placed warehouses can reach 98% of the continental US within two days and the whole country within three days. All our warehouses are equipped with ShipCaddie TWMS software, specialize in e-commerce fulfillment, and excel in accuracy and visibility for you.  

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