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Biggest Concern for Procurement Managers? So Interesting you should ask.

According to a recent survey, the number one pressure faced by procurement professionals is to reduce costs and increase savings. What—You didn’t think we’d get a hold of this statistic and NOT write a blog article to position the small parcel industry, did you? There is no doubt that procurement professionals manage a wide range…


Shipping I.Q. Starts with Data…and Prescription Eye-glasses

Let’s face it. “Data” is a trendy term. Everyone wants to talk about it and prove to others that they know what it means to live in a data-driven world. It’s a wildly popular thing to bring up in any conversation, as if simply saying the word “data” will automatically make you look smarter. The…


Cuffed to a Bad Agreement?

Editor’s Note: Click here to read Part One of “Barriers to Renegotiating Carrier Agreements,” Don’t Fear the Carrier.   Have you ever taken the time to read your carrier agreement? I mean REALLY read it?  Kind of shocking how one sided it is, isn’t it?  You worked hard at the negotiating table.  You’re proud of those discounts. …