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Insight: UPS Air Maintenance Workers Vote to Strike

After three years of negotiations, UPS air maintenance workers just voted to authorize a labor union strike. Like many Americans, the workers share concerns over rising healthcare costs. The union claims that the current contract fails to address those costs and that it exposes workers to great health risks implicit in working around jet engines….


After Election, Wikileaks Shifts to Target Small Parcel Carriers

Now that the election is over, WikiLeaks has decided to shift focus from politicians to top executives in the small parcel industry. ….not really. But if WikiLeaks were to go after the biggest small parcel carriers, whose emails would be targeted and what carrier information would provide the juiciest public release? We have our theory. Click…


Parcel Media: Online Retailers and E-Commerce Shipping in 2017

September 16, 2016 — Parcel Media has published a new article by our very own Shaun Rothwell, Founder and CEO of iDrive Logistics. The informative piece focuses on online retailers and the complicated relationship between e-commerce and rising shipping costs in 2017. In the article, Mr. Rothwell analyzes the causes and effects of 2017 rate changes,…


UPS Ground Rate Increases 2017

This post is intended to add further data and discussion to our recent article on For the full article–written by Shaun Rothwell, iDrive Founder and CEO–is available at the following link: “UPS Rate Hikes a Strong Reminder to Prepare.“ A Recap on UPS Rates and Rule Changes UPS announced the following increases, effective December…


Shaun Rothwell | 2016 Interview with Utah Business Magazine

Our very own—Founder and CEO, Shaun Rothwell—discusses company growth in this 2016 interview with Utah Business Magazine. iDrive was honored as the 25th fastest growing company in Utah. Big ‘thanks’ to our team members, business partners and our fantastic customers for helping iDrive achieve such great success. This award is for you.