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Your Crystal Ball: Predicting the Small Parcel Market

Do you have a crystal ball to predict your shipping future? What is it telling you about the small parcel market? In the past 12 months, shippers have seen—among others—a general rate increase (GRI), adjustments to fuel surcharges, large package surcharges and most recently, a change in measurements that trigger additional handling surcharges. Trends from…


[Forbes Magazine Feature] The Right Carrier at the Right Price

To view printed version of the article (PDF) as it will appear in Forbes Magazine, click the following icon. The Right Carrier at the Right Price It’s the end of Q4 and you’ve crunched the numbers. Unsatisfied, you crunch again. And again. Why have Web sales stagnated? Were marketing efforts not aggressive enough during the holiday season?…


Piracy on the Decline

When you think of pirates, usually you’ll get romanticized images of wooden ships, wooden legs or Peter Pan. The picture I get is of Dustin Hoffman. But we all know that in the real world, piracy is no laughing matter. Considering the thousands of pirate attacks occurring since 2009, ocean freight carriers may lose sleep at…