Integrated shipping and fulfillment solutions for growing ecommerce brands

Accelerate your growth with tailored shipping solutions, data driven asset placement, and a national network of fulfillment centers; designed to meet your ecommerce demands head on.

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Shipping is one of your largest expenses, that's why we have our own shipping experts who are dedicated to optimizing your shipping needs.  You will always get the lowest cost with the highest services level and shortest time in transit with iDrive Fulfillment.

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A national network of fulfillment centers

Our warehouses are strategically located, allowing for a 46% faster distribution time than average. With 5 locations and more coming soon, we have national coverage to optimize your distribution requirements.

Future locations coming to Nevada, California, Texas, Atlanta, and New Hampshire.

Current Locations

Salt Lake City, UT

Chicago, IL

Lexington, KY

Cincinatti, OH

Future Locations

  • Nevada
  • California
  • Texas
  • Atlanta
  • New Hampshire

Save big on shipping costs

Through iDrive's direct relationships and certifications  with the carriers, iDrive can offer competitive rates across multiple carriers for a truly optimized e-commerce experience. Contact us for a quote today.


Lower costs on average

5-star customer experience

What's important to your customers is important to us.  Whether it is 1-2 day shipping options in the cart, or tracking and returns options post purchase, we've got you covered.


2-day shipping coverage in US

Technology-driven solutions

Embracing technology is at the core of our operations. With our advanced shipping software and tracking tools, you gain full visibility and control over your shipments. Monitor your packages in real-time, access detailed analytics, and make data-driven decisions to improve your shipping processes and enhance customer satisfaction. It integrates with the tools and platforms you already use, so getting set up is seamless.

We grow with you

Our nationwide fulfillment network can accommodate your expanding needs. Whether you experience a sudden surge in orders or plan to expand into new markets, we have the infrastructure and expertise to support your growth journey seamlessly.

Our goal is to alleviate any concerns that come with growth and expansion by providing the right solution from the start.

eCommerce, B2B, and everything in between

We understand the unique requirements of B2B shipping, eCommerce and everything in between. We offer tailored solutions to meet your specific business needs. From volume-based discounts to flexible delivery options and customized packaging, we provide the flexibility and scalability necessary to support your unique needs.

  • Automated order fulfillment
  • Cross-docking
  • Increased inventory turn rate

Value-add services

Pick and pack

Outfitted with scanners and tablets running our proprietary software, our employees are guided to exactly which products are ready to ship.


Modern prep-stations equipped with our proprietary software help our employees custom-package and label your orders.

Kit assembly

Our experienced staff provides reliable kitting services and light assembly with meticulous attention to detail.


Connect Return Magic to auto-magically generate labels, refunds and emails to save time and enhance your shopping experience.


Warehouses are equipped with a security system that is monitored offsite 24-7.

Quality control

We ensure the accuracy and condition of products before shipping to maintain customer satisfaction.

Fully integrated

Our technology integrates with the leading e-commerce service providers to support your business operations and needs. We are continually expanding our integration network as new technologies are introduced.

What people are saying

I consider iDrive a partner. I truly can’t recommend them enough. They do such a good job with such an important piece of our business. Fulfillment is something that I don’t really have to stress about anymore.

Kory Stevens

Taft Shoes

I had the team over at iDrive store and ship a large order of products for my business. They did an amazing job at getting my customers their products quickly and in perfect condition. I would recommend them for all your shipping and storage needs.

Sarah W.

Cincinnati customer

Tori, Phil, Samantha, Mario, and Jamie are all very nice to work with.   My company uses their 3PL services to facilitate all of our USA shipping efforts.  They execute service at a high level. The team at iDrive Fulfillment Chicago, (formerly Touchpoint Logistics) is one of our most valuable partnerships.

Steve Connor

Chicago customer

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