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iDrive iQ's Shipping Scorecard analyzes your carrier data to pinpoint the areas of maximum savings and efficiencies.


The data you need, delivered in a user-friendly format. No BI experience needed.

Full Transparency

Package-level detail to global insights at a glance.

Immediate Action

Actionable data in your hands in moments, not days.

The Shipping Scorecard:

Your Key to Shipping Success

Analyzing a year's worth of your data across four key areas, the Shipping Scorecard provides performance grades and uncovers untapped potential for optimization.

Overall Efficiency

Maximize efficiency and profitability with our data-driven analysis of your shipping data, optimizing rates and carrier selection for your business.


Lower high-zone shipping costs and transit time with our tailored distribution options and expert recommendations.

Customer Experience

Elevate your customer loyalty with our recommended shipping options that deliver an 'Amazon-like' experience, tailored to exceed customerexpectations.


Unlock surcharge savings with optimized shipments, low DIM charges, and reasonable Minimum Charge. boosting your business's bottom line.

Unlock the Power of iQ's Platform to
Accelerate Your Business Growth

Reduce Spend

Contract Management
Identify maximum cost saving opportunities on your small parcel shipping to strengthen your carrier contracts.

Freight Optimization
Quickly compare shipment modes and transit times to make the most cost-effective decisions.

Surcharge Reduction
Identify and address issues like address corrections and late payment fees, as well as many other surcharges.

Actionable Dashboards

Real-Time Analytics
Optimize your shipping operations through real-time analytics. Act on iQ's recommendations to realize savings.

Data Visualizations
Filter data by shipment destination and track average cost and delivery time with ease.

Optimize Shipping Practices

Analyze Transit Times
Improve your customer experience without compromising your bottom line.

Identify Trends
Compare carriers, service levels, and shipping zones to find the most effective shipping options.

Package Level Detail

View Every Detail
Intuitively drill down to package-level detail or use a macro view with endlessly customizable filters.

Export to Excel
Quickly and effortlessly extract the information you need and export to .csv or .xlsx.

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