IQ/BI Audit Tool

We want to provide you with all of the intelligence you need to run your shipping as smoothly as possible. We know that it is not enough to just have raw data. Our customers tell us that technology is of no value to them unless it provides data input, and intelligence output, so they have all of the information they need to make decisions that further enhance their shipping process.

How We Help

For our clients, our proprietary technology, iQ, receives your data, extrapolates it into various data points of your supply chain, and turns that data into actionable insights you can use to review and improve every aspect of your business.


Benefits of IQ Tool

Know Where Your Packages Are Shipping
Avoid Margin Erosion
More Exact Accounting

What Would You Like To Improve?

The data available to you is limited only by your desire to know. IQ allows you to create your own custom reports as well. Armed with this intelligence, your organization can be certain your supply chain is structured in the most profitable way possible.  

IQ shines a light on opportunities for improvement as well, upon which you can improve and then reevaluate again and again. For a list of intelligence reports that will be available to you, please select from the drop down to the right.

Get started with IQ/BI Audit Tool

Step 1

Provide your shipping expert with access to your preview shipping details

Step 3

Learn where every dollar of your shipping spend is being applied

Get insights including fuel surcharges, all accessorial charges, all service-level charges, etc. Discover where the carrier was unable to deliver to the customer as agreed. Learn where your shipments are going with heat maps for quick discovery so you can make better-targeted marketing decisions as well.  

The time to level up your logistics is now.

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