Improving Customer Experience with Shipping Protection

Episode 20

"It’s no secret that the pandemic brought with it a boom in e-commerce. Data is beginning to indicate that this trend is here to stay. Unfortunately, in the logistics industry, it's a reality that some packages will not reach customers issue-free.

In this episode, Glen Gooding, President of iDrive Logistics, sits down with Eduardo Lopez-Soriano, Vice President of Marketing at UPS Capital. The two discuss the role shipping protection plays into creating strong, long-term relationships with customers.

Key Points:

  • 86% SMBs are using drop shipping. Businesses utilizing drop shipping strategies see more shipping issues when compared to SMBs doing their own fulfillment.
  • 210 million packages were stolen off porches in 2021, equal to almost 1 package per household in the US.
  • More than half of SMBs are using same-day carriers and are in-turn seeing higher incidences of damaged parcels.

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