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Shipping Contracts: How to Negotiate a Better Deal


In an industry saturated with contract consultants, iDrive truly stands alone. Our carrier cost model expertise is well-recognized across the industry as the leading strategy to optimize and reduce transportation expenses while improving carrier relationships. Our proprietary analysis aligns your unique shipping characteristics with carrier costs, cost drivers and carrier profitability to help craft and restructure the right agreement for the right services, significantly reducing shipping costs.

Features of Contract Optimization

  • Drill deep into your companies shipping traits
  • Learn about carrier cost models and how to approach negotiations
  • Detailed concession strategy based on carrier cost models
  • Uncover savings opportunities based on your company’s characteristics and the carriers’ available concessions
  • Secure new and improved carrier rates
  • Critical reporting capabilities
  • Can optimize all modes of transportation: parcel, LTL, ocean, freight, etc.

The iDrive Difference

Knowledge. Experience. Results.


Unmatched Analytical Team

Only firm with an executive team members who were responsible for cost models, pricing models, pricing policies and agreement language for the largest carrier in the world.


Cost Model Philosophy

Unlike the rest of the industry, our analysis is not based on benchmarking, but on cost models. We understand how and why the carriers set-up their agreements and what concessions are available.


Quarterly Reviews

We provide professional quarterly reviews of your carrier agreements. This ensures that you are always receiving the best pricing and service available.

What? You already have great pricing?
Yeah, we hear that a lot.


“We had an exceptional contract and I was doubtful that iDrive could do much for us and expressed as much. iDrive reviewed our contract and stated that we did indeed have a very aggressive contract but that they would go to work and see what they could do. The net result was significant for us.”

Greg Sanders
President, KSG Distributing, Inc.


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Case Study

Negotiating Carrier Agreements

Negotiating Carrier Agreements

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Case Study
Contract Optimization

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