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Our regulatory consulting experts can help your company comply with local, regional and global registration and compliance requirements. iDrive provides comprehensive regulatory consulting and strategy services to support operations of all sizes within many industry verticals.

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iDrive Does it All

  • Product life cycle management
  • Identification of applicable requirements, including regulatory requirements and market needs.
  • Developing regulatory strategy and submissions
  • Compliance Assurance Process implementation
  • Regulatory, research, and quality assurance support
  • Daily product maintenance within evolving market compliance
  • Claims substantiation
  • Conducting human health and environmental risk assessments
  • Development and registration strategies
  • Documentation and presentation assistance
  • Expert Dossier preparation and management
  • Clinical trial applications and trial support services
  • Ensure global health and environmental compliance for your product

The iDrive Difference


iDrive’s knowledge and experience ensures that your product development plan will incorporate all international options and execute on every access requirement within your targeted markets.


Product seizure can cost tens-to-hundreds of thousands of dollars. iDrive uses a workflow process that ensures that your products remain compliant in every global market. Protecting your supply chain is what we do. Don’t be the company that throws more interceptions than Eli Manning.


Registering your products is only the beginning. iDrive provides continuous, high-quality stewardship for your products to ensure compliance within the constantly-evolving regulatory climate.

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