Elevate your supply chain intelligence and get results with iQ’s advanced analytics, reporting and parcel audit technology.


iDrive’s iQ parcel audit and business intelligence platform powers your supply chain with comprehensive visibility into your shipping operations. Access key shipping data, manage your KPIs and run advanced reports to gain enhanced insight, better foresight and improved decision making in your day-to-day shipping operations. iQ’s built-in parcel audit technology will monitor carrier performance and maximize your guaranteed-service refunds from your private carriers. Schedule a demo today. (888) 797-0929

Features of the iQ Platform

  • Visibility of your transportation practices equating into better decision making
  • Access to reporting tools that provide real knowledge into your shipping characteristics
  • All invoices audited for correctness with automatic GSR filings.
  • Easy freight payment on your company’s behalf
  • More efficient shipping operations and improved bottom line

The iQ Difference

Business Intelligence and Reporting

In terms of audit recovery, there’s not a lot that separates one platform from another. The real value comes from the business intelligence, reporting tools and expert data interpretation that provides enhanced visibility into shipping practices.


Carrier Agreement Rate Audit

We provide a true carrier agreement rate audit for each shipment. While some other audit providers say they offer a “rate audit,” they are likely offering a “zero audit,” just looking for absent incentives.


Superior Dashboard Reports

We provide an extraordinarily simple way to customize executive dashboard reports and shipping/logistics metrics.


Quarterly Reviews

We provide professional quarterly reviews and training to ensure optimal use and understanding of our auditing tools.

True supply chain optimization begins with iQ.


“We are very pleased with the performance of iDrive Logistics.  We have cut costs in our small parcel, LTL, and our IT functions due to the services provided.  They helped us obtain great rates for our small parcel and LTL, saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The processing and tracking of our shipments became easy and efficient.  We no longer bare the cost and frustration within our IT department with ever changing reporting and cost allocations.  iDrive has simplified and improved every aspect of our transportation needs.  Our business partnership continues to be a win, win, win for us.”

Tom Stubbs
VP Finance, Data Supplies, Inc.


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