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Managing Customer Experience When Shipping Goes Wrong

The journey of a product from your business to your customer sometimes can seem as fraught as Odysseus’ adventures in the Odyssey (well, maybe a little less intense). Packages can be delayed, lost, damaged, stolen, or sent to the wrong address, among other possible issues. We’ve all been on the receiving end of these issues when we’re expecting something we’ve ordered, and it usually doesn’t make people happy to face these inconveniences. Businesses are usually the first to take the blame before the carrier, so how do you manage customer experience despite all the moving pieces involved in shipping a product? It turns out data is key. Read on for more!

Issues Possible in the Delivery Process

Lots of things can happen in the process that takes a product from your business to your customer’s hands. Maybe a customer enters their address wrong as they check out; maybe someone drops the package, or someone else steals it. There are plenty of ways things can go wrong, but here at iDrive Logistics we are cheering for your success.

How to Manage Customer Experience Through Data

We’ve talked about what can go wrong, but how can you avoid losing customer loyalty? Well, the first step is knowing what’s going on both at a macro and a granular level with your package delivery and customer experience. The best way to track all of this data in one place is with a TMS, or transportation management solution. The most robust TMS platforms will enable you to see what shipments are delayed so you can alert customers ahead of time. They will also verify addresses before a shipment is ever sent, letting you rest easy knowing that a package meant for a customer in California isn’t going to end up in New York.  

Another valuable feature sometimes included in a TMS is the ability to purchase insurance on your shipments, whether from the carrier or a 3rd party. This protects you from instances of damaged or stolen products.

ShipCaddie TWMS, iDrive’s own TMS with WMS functionalities, provides all this data and more. Regardless of what software you’re using, data is the key to clear insights on how to keep customers happy when bumps occur in the delivery of a package.

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