The perfect location

The strategic placement of our warehouse in the midwest effectively reduces transportation costs, facilitating cost-efficient distribution that not only saves you money but also ensures quicker delivery to your customers.

  • Faster delivery

  • Optimal inventory management

  • Cost savings

Why outsource?

Outsourcing fulfillment to a third-party logistics provider (3PL) offers a strategic advantage by allowing businesses to focus on their core competencies while benefiting from expert logistics management. By leveraging the specialized infrastructure and resources of a 3PL, companies can streamline their supply chain operations, reduce overhead costs, and scale efficiently, thus enhancing overall operational flexibility.

Customers who partner with iDrive Fulfillment can recognize significant cost savings, improved quality and superior shipping accuracy. Ultimately, outsourcing empowers you to to optimize customer satisfaction, allocate resources more effectively, and navigate the complexities of modern commerce with heightened agility.

Tailored solutions for business success


iDrive uses a proven combination of distribution experience, work processes and technology to ensure the utmost in accuracy, scalability, and the flexibility to meet high variations in order volume.


A Midwest shipping origin will minimize costs and transit times. Coupled with the discounts we already receive from carriers, iDrive will bring great transportation value to your company.


We provide full reverse logistics services including product receipt/validation, product inspection, product cleaning, and shipping back to either customers or vendors.

FDA-compliant food and drug facilities

With temperature-controlled warehouse space, food-grade pest control, and ultra clean facilities, our services are perfect for your sensitive cargo.

Packaging & Labeling

We go above and beyond with services for shrink wrapping, packaging and re-packaging, UCC compliance labeling, bills of lading, and more.

Kitting & Assembly

To streamline your supply chain, we offer kitting and assembly with meticulous attention to detail.

What people are saying

I consider iDrive a partner. I truly can’t recommend them enough. They do such a good job with such an important piece of our business. Fulfillment is something that I don’t really have to stress about anymore.

Kory Stevens

Salt Lake City customer

I had the team over at iDrive store and ship a large order of products for my business. They did an amazing job at getting my customers their products quickly and in perfect condition. I would recommend them for all your shipping and storage needs.

Sarah W.

Cincinnati customer

Tori, Phil, Samantha, Mario, and Jamie are all very nice to work with.   My company uses their 3PL services to facilitate all of our USA shipping efforts.  They execute service at a high level. The team at iDrive Fulfillment Chicago, (formerly Touchpoint Logistics) is one of our most valuable partnerships.

Steve Connor

Chicago customer

Why iDrive Fulfillment?

Significant shipping savings

Through iDrive's direct relationships and certifications with the carriers, iDrive can offer competitive rates across multiple carriers for a truly optimized e-commerce experience.

1 and 2-day shipping

Our extensive nationwide shipping network ensures 2-day delivery across most of the US, with 1-day options for select areas, guaranteeing swift order fulfillment to impress your customers and boost their shopping satisfaction, fostering loyalty.

Technology-powered perfection

At the heart of our operations lies a tech-driven approach. Our cutting-edge shipping software and tracking tools provide complete shipment transparency and management, allowing real-time package monitoring, detailed analytics access, and data-driven shipping process enhancements to elevate customer satisfaction. Seamless integration with your existing tools and platforms simplifies setup.

We expand alongside you

Our extensive fulfillment network adapts to your growing demands. Whether it's a sudden influx of orders or venturing into new markets, we offer the infrastructure and expertise to support your expansion effortlessly. Our objective is to address growth and expansion concerns proactively, ensuring the right solution from the outset.

Fully integrated

Our technology integrates with the leading e-commerce service providers to support your business operations and needs. We are continually expanding our integration network as new technologies are introduced.

All locations

Salt Lake City, UT

955 South 3800 West, Suite 400, Salt Lake City, 84104

271 W 12800 S Suite 207, Draper, UT 84020

Chicago, IL

2300 Galvin Dr, Elgin, IL 60124

3500 Channahon Rd, Joliet, IL 60436

Lexington, KY

121 Venture Court, Suite 200 Nicholasville, KY 40356

It’s time to take control of your transportation spend.

Take the first step towards optimized operations, faster shipping, and exceptional customer satisfaction.

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