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Whether you're a Brand or 3PL, our software drives profitability by simplifying the way you view and reduce your shipping expenses.

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Contract Advisory

We'll help you compare your current agreement with your shipping needs to make sure you only spend what you need to.

Distribution Optimization

We have a vast network of warehouse partners to help you get your products to your customers within 3 business days.

Carriers & Rates

We'll analyze your shipping profile to make sure you're using the right carrier for the right packages to lower your shipping costs.

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Real-Time Analytics

With iQ you will see exactly where your shipping expenses are going and show you where you can save money.

Analyze Your Data Your Way

It's your business, so you should be able to analyze your data however you want. Easily export your data and let your Excel nerd do their thing!



Carrier Contracts

Save money on your shipping costs by ensuring your partner carriers are giving you their best rates.

Controllable Costs

Identify and eliminate unnecessary fees like address corrections and late payments, to improve your processes.



Charge Types

Being mindful of surcharges on your invoice can yield significant savings. iQ categorizes them by charge type, making it easy to identify areas for fee reduction.


View your surcharge expenses over time to pinpoint negative trends and eliminate overspending.



Zone Analysis

Get insights into your zonal distribution to ensure your fulfillment strategy is cost-effective.

Time for a new Fulfillment Center?

Analyze trends in your distribution to determine if it's time to consider opening, moving, or partnering with a new fulfillment center.



How well are you managing your shipping expenses?

iQ Scorecard gauges the overall health of your shipping by providing a performance grade in four key areas: carrier contract, distribution channels, customer experience, and surcharges. The Scorecard analyzes your carrier data to pinpoint the areas of maximum savings and efficiencies.

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Food and Beverage

Find out how to increase customer loyalty by increasing reliable delivery.


Learn how adding additional warehouse space helped lower shipping cost.

Pet Food

Discover how to find relief from rising cost and reduce overall shipping expenses.

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