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The iDrive network is continually expanding to keep pace with the demands of e-commerce sellers and the expectations of consumers. Our approach is simple, helping our customers grow through data-driven placement of their assets.

Technology-enabled. Intelligence-driven.

As an e-commerce shipper, it is vital for you to know every detail of every order and where it is in the fulfillment process so you can support your customers.

When you utilize our technology, you will always know the latest on every product in inventory; in pick, pack, and, ship; and where your shipments are in the delivery process…all from one application, ShipCaddie TWMS.  

With ShipCaddie TWMS, you’ll be able to store products in any of our facilities and know the exact counts in each location. You can even create virtual warehouses for third party online stores, like Shopify. ShipCaddie TWMS is the first transportation and warehouse management system that helps you manage your inventory from our iDrive Fulfillment receiving dock to your customer’s doorstep.

Pair iDrive iQ with iDrive Fulfillment and you will be armed with the most up-to-date analytics that will help you improve your shipping process.

Industry-leading Level Of Care

If you are among the best e-commerce sellers, you take pride in every aspect of your supply chain. Because you do, you know that your receiving, packaging, warehousing, inventory, and shipping can say as much about your brand as your logo and the quality of the products you sell.

We understand, which is why we work tirelessly for our clients to maintain an industry-leading level of care that defines every package we send on your behalf. Your customers will be as delighted with our service as they are with your products. Our facilities are a bellwether in cleanliness, efficiency, safety, and technological advancement so our clients can rest assured their products and customers are receiving the best care possible.

With locations on the West Coast, the Midwest, and the East Coast, and with more being added frequently, iDrive Fulfillment can help you ensure that your products arrives to their destinations quickly, with the same level of care that you provide your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place my inventory in more than one location?

Yes! Our network encourages our customers to embrace a multi-DC strategy to reduce your transportation spend and reach your end customer within their delivery expectations.

What type of technology does iDrive use?

iDrive’s ShipCaddie TWMS, a single transportation and warehouse management system, built as one platform. ShipCaddie TWMS is the first to be built with every shipper in mind, regardless of size.

Can your network reach consumers within 2 days?

Our network locations are strategically located to support 2-day ground delivery methods by national and regional carriers.

Can you offer transportation and fulfillment services?

iDrive can help our customers with options for all transportation modes; Ocean, Air, Ground Freight, and Parcel Delivery.

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