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Choosing the right carriers takes careful analysis. With many moving parts and varying shipping characteristics, it’s common for companies to over-use one carrier while under-utilizing better, more cost-effective options–namely, the USPS. Under iDrive’s USPS Value-Added Partnership Program, your shipping data is analyzed to see how your company can benefit by using USPS (for some or all of your shipping needs) and determines your eligibility for preferred rates. This program saves qualified companies 15-30% on average. Click here to see if your company qualifies.

Features of Value-Added Partnerships (VAPs)

  • Rates are unaffected by your volume fluctuation
  • You don’t pay us a dime, our fees are already built into the rates
  • USPS Tracking
  • Delivery in 1-3 business days along with Saturday deliveries
  • Up to $100 insurance on each package free
  • Savings available for companies of all sizes

The iDrive Difference

Buying Power

Due to our industry footprint, our preferred carrier rates are unmatched. We leverage our 30 million-plus square feet of warehouse space and 110 locations to bring you a new level of buying power and industry-best rates.


Superior Rates

Best possible rates because of our 30+ million square feet of warehouse space, and daily volume.


Keep Existing Shipping Systems

No need to change your current shipping technology or processes, it’s simply an update of your account number.


Service Leverage

Our footprint and size provide clients with greater response and attention from carriers.

What? You already have great pricing?
Yeah, we hear that a lot.


“We had an exceptional contract and I was doubtful that iDrive could do much for us and expressed as much. iDrive reviewed our contract and stated that we did indeed have a very aggressive contract but that they would go to work and see what they could do. The net result was significant for us.”

Greg Sanders
President, KSG Distributing, Inc.


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