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Logistics 101

The English word ‘logistics’ comes from the French word ‘logistique’ and traces back to 1846 when it was included in a book about warfare. Today the term is casually used for all sorts of activities, not just warfare, but it always involves the same general idea: movement. Today we’re exploring what logistics really means in correlation with what iDrive Logistics does.  

What ‘Logistics’ Really Means

When used in a business sense logistics refers to the transportation, acquisition, and storage of goods or materials. It’s a wide definition that applies to all sorts of businesses and operations in our contemporary world and is focused on finding the most efficient way in terms of time and cost to get something from point A to point B. So, even though you can use the word logistics for figuring out your child’s birthday party, just know that there is an entire industry built around logistics.

What iDrive Logistics Does

iDrive Logistics was founded in 2008 by Shaun Rothwell, CEO of iDrive Logistics. Starting with a focus on auditing carrier performance, iDrive eventually branched into fulfillment with our iDrive Fulfillment network. Most recently, iDrive has focused on software offerings with our audit technology and the trailblazing ShipCaddie TWMS, a fully integrated transportation and warehouse management solution.

iDrive's why is helping shippers overcome transportation challenges and enabling their businesses to thrive. Working with iDrive Logistics provides shippers with easy-to-understand data and intelligence to guide you in finding potential savings and giving the best possible experience to customers.

To learn more about our offerings and mission visit our website at idrivelogistics.com or listen to our most recent episode of the ‘Tee Up: Logistics Insights’ podcast where Shaun Rothwell, CEO and Founder of iDrive Logistics, explains the story behind iDrive Logistics and where we’re headed.

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